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Montenegro Articles

How Us Might Short Changes The Rest

WHETHER you live in Mordialloc, Milan or Montenegro, there's a good chance that when you turn on your television it is to watch CSI, House or Desperate Housewives.

Sharks Sunk In Final Game

MEREWETHER'S Richie Campbell scored the equaliser but it was not enough for Australia to beat Montenegro and seal a place in the men's water polo quarter-finals in Beijing yesterday.

Sharks Grind Win

AUSTRALIA played ugly water polo yesterday to beat Canada 8-5 and will need to improve to beat either powerhouses Hungary or the highly rated Montenegro in their remaining two men's pool games.

Was This The Greatest Team Goal In History?

Argentina 6 Serbia & Montenegro 0

What To Say About ... Montenegro

FIRST East Timor split from its western appendage. Now Montenegro has chosen to go it alone after 14 years of sometimes blissful, sometimes icy union with Serbia.


Montenegro is a Southeastern Europe country, with Podgorica as capital. While Montenegro's tourism industry plummeted in the 1990s because of the Yugoslavian conflict, it is now on a slow revival. Visitor number peaked in 2007, almost equaling that of prewar tourism. By 2008, roads and rebuilding have been started to factor in increased influx.


Montenegro is bound by the Adriatic Sea, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania.

Name derivation and History

Montenegro is a sovereign country since the end of the middle ages. It receive its recognized independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1878. In recent history however, Montenegro's sovereignty was attached to Yugoslavia as its ruling country since 1918. In June 3, 2006, however, Montenegro was finally declared an independent country. By June 28, 2006, it joined the United Nations as its 192nd member. Later in May 2007, Montenegro joined the Council of Europe as its 47th member.


Montenegro is made up of peaks and plains. The mountainous regions are mostly concentrated on the borders shared with Serbia and Albania. These mountains reach an average height of 2,000 meters. The Montenegro plains are in the coastal areas and are narrow.


Montenegro's Velika Pla┼ża is the longest beach in Montenegro. This Montenegro beach stretches up to eight miles, from Port Milena to Bojana River. It has a vast hinterland that is largely undeveloped. This is perfect for secluded getaways, with not much frills, just the beach. Of late, the government has announced a public competition for a master plan development proposal for the beach. The government of Montenegro wants to establish a sustainable community alongside the beach.

The Tara River Canyon is likewise a popular destination. The Tara River Gorge, with the Tara River running through it, is Montenegro's and Europe's deepest canyon. It has a height of 1,300 meters and a length of 78 kilometers. The canyon is a World Heritage Site under UNESCO. It is inside Montenegro's Durmitor National Park. River rafting is popular here. A typical rafting trip can take two to three hours through an 18-kilometer run.

However, despite its classification as a Heritage Site, Petrol (a Slovenian company) and Montenegro-bonus (a Montenegrin company) have signed an agreement to build an electric plant in the area - this, despite the many protests by conservationist who want to preserve the area.


The local train is the best way to get from north to south (and vice versa) within the Montenegro region. However, it is not that safe. Quality is questionable; and just recently, there was a train a train accident with 44 casualties.

Buses can be a better option. These often come more frequently and on schedule. However, none of the buses have air conditioning, and it's norm for people to smoke even while in a packed bus.


Montenegro has a notable production of quality wine. They have their unique Crmnicko red wine, as well as the usual Vrana, Pro Corde, Chardonnay and Cabernet. And, as in a lot of wine-producing countries, Montenegro also produces Brandy. Montenegro brandies are mo of the sweet smelling fruit flavored brandy like plum brandy and grape brandy. A trip to Montenegro is not complete without buying or trying out the local wine and brandy.